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NOW Available

NEW Kusuri Fluke-P

A liquid Praziquantel medication for eradicating Body Flukes, Gill Flukes and Tapeworms

1 litre treats 5500 gallons     500ml treats 2750 gallons     250ml treats 1375 gallons

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Keeping Japanese Koi Carp in tip top health and ‘show’ condition, is a passionate interest for our team at Kusuri.

During the 14 years that Kusuri have been researching, developing and manufacturing new, quality Koi Carp and pond products we have consistently listened to one voice – the voice that drives the fascinating hobby of Koi carp keeping – you, the customer.

As a result of repeated customer requests, and because we all lead very different lives, Kusuri now offers you a variety of convenient ways to purchase our comprehensive range of Koi carp and pond water quality products.

To find out where Kusuri’s range of products is stocked in your area, click Kusuri Retailers. Wholesale Distributors of Kusuri Products are listed here.

The Koi Club Links Page offers details about local Koi clubs and societies, with lots of useful help and advice for both beginners and expert Koi keepers.

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