Photo Competition 

Kusuri celebrated their 15th Anniversary this year by holding a photo competition in their 2013 Christmas Flier. Kusuri gave their customers an opportunity to show off their ponds and Koi Carp by sending in their best photograph. The winning photograph named “Koi and Azaleas” was taken by the proud pond owner himself, Andrew Glazzard from the Midlands. Andrew will be receiving a year’s supply of Kusuri Koi food, a 15kg bag of the NEW Kusuri KOLOR food, 15kg Multiseason, 15kg Premium large and 15kg Supersilk.

The three runners up, Bryan Fooks from Essex with the spectacular “Custard” a rescue fish from Maxine Grundy’s rescue centre in The Three Counties, Steve Jones from Worcester and Colin Bond also from Essex with “Colin’s Pond”. Colin’s friend, Nigel, entered his pond photo on his behalf, great friend. All the runner up Koi keepers will receive a 1.5kg bag of Kusuri Multiseason food.

Congratulations to the happy winners whose photographs can now be seen on the home page of the Kusuri website,



Winners that use KUSURI products

East of England – KUSURI congratulates Dave Newton for the winning Young Champion – Kohaku, First in Class & First in Size and Best Non Go-Sanke – Asagi/Shusui, First in Class both Koi are fed solely on KUSURI food.
Dave’s magic recipe = 50% KUSURI Mini Pellets, 25% KUSURI Wheatgerm and 25% KUSURI Supersilk and now he is introducing the exciting NEW KUSURI KOLOR food.
“My Koi love Kusuri food and watching them grow I knew they had to be winners” David Newton.

West Wales Show Amazing array of winnings to congratulate, Steve Watson for at the West Wales Show, Grand Champion, Mature Champion, Best Vat, Members Choice & Adult Champion! Steve uses all the KUSURI medication range, certain foods and the KUSURI KLAY. Steve has been in the Koi Hobby for years even before KUSURI began 13 – 14 years ago and he delights in recommending KUSURI products to his fellow Koi Club members and many others…. Only last week he treated the pond in the Convent garden in Worthing with KUSURI products! “I always recommend KUSURI as being the best products at a sensible price” says Steve Watson, “You know what you’re using and that it’s safe… can’t say that about some products on the market!”

Worthing & District Koi Club Show – Congratulations to Rod Taylor with the Mature Champion Award, Worthing Grand Champion, Hi-Point Champion Go-Sanke & Best Kohaku – size 6 Kohaku aged 4 years at the time of the show now 5 years old, and Best Worthing & District Vat, Rod uses many KUSURI products including Premium food. His favourite most frequently used product is KUSURI FLUKE M. Holding the position of Health Liaison Officer over the years at the Worthing & District Koi Club he has used KUSURI Fluke M many times on his fellow Koi Club members ponds with great success. “The best thing to use” says Rod Taylor. Other KUSURI products he uses include, Mazuizai Anti Bac Spray, Potassium Permanganate, Acriflavin, Malachite Green and Malachite & Formalin. Rod used various products which KUSURI no longer produce showing how long he has been around the hobby of Koi keeping.

Steve Watson wins the Jumbo Champion Award and sings all the KUSURI medication products very highly. He recommends KUSURI 9 times out of 10 to fellow Koi Club members and many others with great confidence having plenty of year’s experience.

MKA show – Winner of the KUSURI Prize Draw at the latest Midlands Koi Association Show was Steve Coldicott from Birmingham who happily took his prize of a 15kg bag of the KUSURI NEW Kolor food worth £172.60! Watch out for the KUSURI stand on the coming weekend at the Birmingham and West Midland Show for the opportunity of a free entry to a similar Prize Draw.